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Craft and Quilting Fair

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Craft and Quilting Fair

Post by Jocelyneliza on 2012-06-14, 09:59

As I had missed the last two craft shows in Sydney I was excitedly waiting for the Craft and Quilt Fair at Darling Harbour which opened yesterday. The quilting is really amazing, there are so many talented quilters in this world.

I was disappointed at the small amount of quilling and I only found one stand with quilling supplies. Scrapbooking is still thriving and there were plenty of card-making and papercraft stands. There was a great selection of cards with so many shapes and sizes, I purchased some but it was really difficult to leave the others behind.

There was quite a lot of beautiful Japanese papers and print fabrics and Japanese crafts which were very popular. Unfortunately I sometimes get a little anxious in crowds and had to keep ducking outside to breathe so missed investigating the Japanese crafts.

There were lots of workshops, sewing, beading, cardmaking, knitting and crochet and the one that surprised me was Tunisian Crochet (which I first knew as Tricot and aka Afghan Stitch, Tricot Crochet, Shepherd's Knitting, Hooking Knitting and Railroad Knitting). It would seem that everything old IS new again!

Even though I have this anxiety thingo in crowds I am going to return on Satuday afternoon (as they crowds usually thin out at that time) to check out the Japanese crafts and see what else I missed.


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Re: Craft and Quilting Fair

Post by Quill Me on 2012-06-15, 02:48

I really admoire the quilts also.
I plan to go to the Melbourne one as I too have not been to a craft show for awhile.

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