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Displaying 3D Quilling

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Displaying 3D Quilling

Post by Kurlikins on 2012-07-19, 09:06

Hi all!!

just putting it out there for any great ideas on how best I should present/ package/ display... maybe one day even sell, my 3D quilled figurines??
At this stage I only want to give them as gifts, but who knows in the future..
Has done anything that worked like putting them in glass domes or something along those lines? My Minikins at this stage are just getting a couple of coats of clear lacquer, but it would be nice to find something a little nicer.

Any thoughts- much appreciated!


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Re: Displaying 3D Quilling

Post by Quill Me on 2012-07-20, 02:40

I have not done much 3D work, but I would search Google Images and see how other people have done it.

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