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How do I stop the center from sagging?

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How do I stop the center from sagging? Empty How do I stop the center from sagging?

Post by Trish9 on 2015-06-16, 20:18

11:05:21 I am new to this forum, and quilling as well.

I tried to send just a picture from my desktop, but I can not find the option above. If anyone can point it out to me, I would be very greatful. The link below shows a beautiful option for quilling, however, I have NO idea what to it. I have posted the question I asked the quilling kıvrımları, the video uploader. I doubt I will ever get an answer; perhaps someone can help me out.

"This is really very attractive, but how does one keep the shape? I understand the gluing of the ends, but when I finish and lay the "body" out, the wide center sags. See the video 0:57 minutes (picture). What is this shape called? Your video gift is one of a kind, believe me, I've looked!


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