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Graduated card pattern

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Graduated card pattern Empty Graduated card pattern

Post by admin on 2010-03-03, 07:51

Card Pattern For Dark Center Graduated Paper
You will need: 1x half piece of A4 coloured card, plain card, stamp and ink, strips from the dark centered graduated multi paper pack, 6cm of plain green strip and 10cm plain brown strip all 4mm.

1. To make this card, cut 1 A4 piece of coloured craft card in half. I have used maroon.
2. Stamp with a roller stamp (I have used a butterfly print) and versamark watermark ink. Alternatively you can use ink that is the same colour but darker than the card colour you have chosen then stamp it all over the outside of the card. Now fold the card in half again and set it aside.
3. Take a piece of white card and cut it 8cm x 12cm (don't fix this card to your coloured card until you have finished stamping and quilling or it may be difficult to work with especially if you have used foam pads for 3D).
4. To make the flower take your dark center graduated papers and choose your favourite colour to contrast with the colour card you have chosen. I have used yellow-orange. Make 7 tear drops with each full size strip. Next take 4 green dark center graduated and glue 2 together making 2 double length strips. Make 2 Quilled Marquise with your long green strips. Now get a 6cm piece of plain green for your stem. Use a 10cm piece of brown for the center quilled into a tight coil. Glue them all down starting with your stem and center coil as you see in this picture.
5. Write or stamp your wording above your flower. You can make the white card stand out on your card by using double sided foam pads/tape and give it a 3D look or just affix it by using glue, now pop it on the card which has been folded in half and you will have this beautiful card.

Once completed, your card should resemble this one bellow...
Graduated card pattern Daisy_10

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Graduated card pattern Empty Re: Graduated card pattern

Post by Mar on 2010-07-11, 21:49

Very nice card. Thanks for sharing. Laughing Laughing Laughing


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Graduated card pattern Empty Re: Graduated card pattern

Post by teddiegrams on 2011-05-01, 07:51

I love the colors.

Thank you,


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Graduated card pattern Empty Re: Graduated card pattern

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