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Two experienced quiller sites with patterns

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Two experienced quiller sites with patterns

Post by admin on 2010-01-09, 11:03

There are 2 sites I would highly recommend to visit. These ladies have the most beautiful work and offer some of their patterns for you to try. The first one is Inna's Creations. Insure you have a really good look around her site because there are some great patterns in there you just have to rummage around.

The second is Claire Choi. She also has a great little bouquet in her blog that you could try. Make sure you have a look through her gallery as there is some truly exquisite work in there


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Re: Two experienced quiller sites with patterns

Post by bkfrance93 on 2014-08-02, 01:52

The first site posted is terrific. When I clicked on the second site suggested, my computer gave me a warning that the site was infected with malware. Sad


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