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How to make the Stems on 3D flowers

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How to make the Stems on 3D flowers

Post by quillingsavy on 2010-03-13, 06:57

In order to make the stem of a 3D flower strong, most often paper isn't strong enough. What do you guys use to make the stem?

I use craft wire, folded in thirds, then I wrap paper around it. It's nice because it's strong, yet flexible. 'Nuf said.

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Re: How to make the Stems on 3D flowers

Post by bZb on 2010-03-13, 07:01

Hi Rachelle,

Depends on what I am doing for the flower. Sometimes a double or triple layer of paper glued is strong enough to stand up, other times I will 'cover' wire in paper to make my flowers stand up, or wrap around the wire like a florist does with tape. I guess it all just depends how much room you have and what look you are trying to achieve. I like experimenting with different ways of doing it.

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