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How to add your photo to your post

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How to add your photo to your post Empty How to add your photo to your post

Post by admin on 2010-01-09, 04:06

Okay here we go. Once you have done it once you will be right

1. click on new topic in the for sale category or general post which ever you want to add it to
2. in the subject put a title for your item
3. fill out the description
4. when you come to the pic click on host an image in your tool bar, it is in the middle
5. a small bar will come up and click browse to find your pic then click the button host it
6. you will see three boxes come up. decide on which size you want, thumb nail, image or image url
7. choose image by clicking the copy button next to it
8. now right click on the html jumble in the box and copy it then add the jumble to where you want the pic to go. once you have done this click upload in the box. To get rid of the box click on the host an image in your tool bar again and it will disapear
9. once finished just save your post

Should look like this before you save and once saved the pic will show up

my flowers for sale

I made this and you really likey it. So here is how much for the flowers and postage. contact me through the site or email which ever you like. You don't have to put the amount if you don't want to, it's your post
heres the pic

from me

any probs just email me

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