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Rings for cards

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Rings for cards

Post by Jocelyneliza on 2010-03-31, 09:46

Hi, am new to this forum and was reading previous questions etc. and would like to share with you two techniques I use when wanting to add rings for weddings or engagement cards.

No. 1. Use jump rings. They come in different sizes and gold and silver. Two can be linked together and are more delicate that some of the ones you might purchase.

No. 2. This is the technique I use to make the rings out of paper strips. (I also make drop earings using 3mm or narrower strips.) Using "sleepers" (for pierced ears) make an open coil winding the strip 3-5 times around the sleeper. It helps if you put a drop if glue on the first round. Remove the sleeper then open it. Link it to the open coil you have just finished and make the next open coil through the first. When you have completed the second coil remove the sleeper by slipping it out of the coil and opening it. You can use any type of paper but the metallics look really great. Sleepers come in a few sizes and 3 linked open coils of different sizes attached to earring findings look great or just slip them into sleepers and you have something really different. Hope you find this useful.


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rings for cards

Post by Jean on 2010-03-31, 15:12

Hi Jocelyneliza,

I usually use strips of metalic paper folded in uneven half and wrap around one of my fingers and glue both ends. This works well for me. Your systems sound more interesting and allows for more variety.
Thanks for sharing.


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Re: Rings for cards

Post by admin on 2010-04-05, 11:37

Hi and welcome to the forum. I hope you enjoy it.
I would love to see some of these finished rings you mention. can you post some for us? you can put picture on your post (here during a chat by clicking on host an image) or in the gallery.
If you post in here you find the file on your pc by clicking browse then host it. After that you will see 3 file addies come up. Right click on the middle one and paste it in the post but after you do that don't forget to click save for the photo. The photo doesn't show until you finish your post and click send. It just looks like an address but once you post it, the photo will be seen and not the file addy

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Re: Rings for cards

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