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Just a quick tip

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Just a quick tip

Post by hooked on quilling on 2010-04-15, 03:10

G'day Girls and boys?? Don't think we have any men though it would be cool to have men quill....anyways before I get sidetracked.

Have been looking through the gallery and just wanted to pass on a tip I picked up in some book.

When quilling if you tear the end off your strip, roll from the straight edge and finish with the teared end the end is less noticeable when you stick it down.

Also when making a shape try to pinch where the stuck down end is this also helps to hide it.

Hope I made sense
hooked on quilling

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Re: Just a quick tip

Post by paulahogue on 2010-04-15, 04:20

good advise, I try and hide the end by gluing it to another coil or shape.

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Post by Jean on 2010-04-15, 07:58

Yes Jo that is right. That is the info I give to all my students. If it is stuck rip it if it is NOT stuck cut it.


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Re: Just a quick tip

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