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Fishing card by Jean

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Fishing card by Jean Empty Fishing card by Jean

Post by admin on 2010-04-26, 05:16

Another fantastic card pattern by Jean, great for workshops and beginners but a fabulous card for those avid fishermen

Fishing card. This is one for the men in our circles of family and friends.

Fishing card by Jean 00610

Needle eye tool, sewing cotton.

Colours – brown, blue, red, orange, yellow.

Rod – brown – 3mm x 7cm tapered to a point.

Attach a length of sewing cotton to the point of the rod.

Reel – brown – 3mm x 4xm loose coil.

Attach reel to rod 1.5cm from the widest end on the flat.

Float – orange – 3mm x 3cm and yellow – 3mm x 3cm – join together- coil a tight shallow cup.

Attach float half way down the line (the line should thread through the tiny hole in the cup).

Ocean – blue – 14 - 3mm x 3cm – half scroll to 1cm. Allow ‘line’ to pass through water.

Attach in a wavy row across the card (you may need to make more for a bigger card.)

Fish – red – 3

Body 3mm x 15cm loose coil to 1cm diam. – press to eye shape

Tail – 3mm x 7cm to loose coil to 6mm diam. – press to heart shape.

Join tail to body and position fish as shown or to your liking.

Happy fishing


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Fishing card by Jean Empty Re: Fishing card by Jean

Post by teddiegrams on 2011-05-01, 08:00

Wonderful card for the fisherman/woman in the family.



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