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Heart Spiral Card

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Heart Spiral Card

Post by Jean on 2010-05-16, 14:59

Colours - rainbow, black, white

Hearts ( closed) - make 26 - 3mm x 5cm.

Fold strips in half and coil to fold, first one side then the other.

Be sure to coil the opposite ways so the coils face each other.
How big your heart will be is how close to the fold you stop.

A spot of glue where the coils touch at the top will hold them in place as a CLOSED HEART.

Glue hearts in a spiral pattern in rainbow sequence. White heart at the beginning and black heart at the end.


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Re: Heart Spiral Card

Post by Quill Me on 2010-05-21, 04:07

Nice idea, Jean.
I think the rainbow effect is very nice.

Bronwyn "Quill Me"

Quill Me

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Re: Heart Spiral Card

Post by paulahogue on 2010-05-26, 02:56

very nice and is easy to do, thanks for sharing!


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Re: Heart Spiral Card

Post by admin on 2010-05-26, 05:57

Jean, this is fantastic!! I think this would be great for a kids started card. I have a teenager workshop coming up so I might give this a go there I think. I always find 2 hours just flies and need something more simple that they can take home finished. The boat card is like that but seeing they are long strips, might be a handful where these are just perfect


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Re: Heart Spiral Card

Post by teddiegrams on 2011-05-01, 07:58


That is nice, and simple, I really like the coloring too.



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Re: Heart Spiral Card

Post by chaukhangshop on 2011-06-03, 07:00

Your heart spiral card is very cute. I like it. Thanks


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Re: Heart Spiral Card

Post by Heather on 2011-06-04, 01:16

Very cute, love this idea.


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Re: Heart Spiral Card

Post by Sponsored content

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