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green vine (male card)

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green vine (male card) Empty green vine (male card)

Post by Jean on 2010-07-05, 10:50


Needle eye tool
Paper - dark green and dark brown

VINE- 3mm and as long as you need.
Dark brown or some colour similar or a mid green.
(browns are hard to fine).
Vine can be as long as you need for the size of card.
Bend and curve to suit the card and glue in position.

LEAVES - 3mm x 20cm - loose coil - 1cm diameter - press to eye shape.
Dark green - make as many as you need to create a balanced design.

TENDRILS - 3mm x 6cm - Dark green or lighter if you wish
Coil in various lenghts and number to suit.

When positioning leaves and tendrils make sure they are 'growing'
in the same direction to look natural.

green vine (male card) 00810

Tendrils should be brown but try green or buff or even black.
your choice


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green vine (male card) Empty Re: green vine (male card)

Post by teddiegrams on 2011-05-01, 07:53


That is really pretty.

Thank you,


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