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Lady quilling sheep pattern

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Lady quilling sheep pattern Empty Lady quilling sheep pattern

Post by admin on 2010-01-08, 08:04

Pattern for making a sheep

This is an easy pattern even for kids to make. You will need 19x white 20cm strips, 10x 10cm white strips, 1x black 40cm strip, 2x 15cm and 2x 10cm black strips all 4mm plus 2 craft eyes.

1. Make loose coils from your first 19x 20cm white strips then tight coils from the 10x 10cm white strips. This is the basis for your sheep. With the large 40cm black strip make a loose coil and for the remaining black strips make tear drops for the ears and feet.
2. Take your 19 white coils and place into rows. First 3 then 4 the next row, 5 the middle row then reduce the next row back to 4 then 3 for the final row. Place your tight coils into the spaces in between the large coils and you will now have the body of your sheep
3. glue your large coil centrally for the head of your sheep and glue your eyes on.
4. take your 2x 15cm tear drops and glue them down for the ears, with the remaining 2 tear drops glue them down for the feet and voila! You have a sheep
Lady quilling sheep pattern Email_10

Pattern for making the lady
You will need:
4cm and 12cm of skin coloured (tan)
15cm of black
9 full size 34cm strips plus 3 double length 68cm strips of dark centered graduated colour (light to dark pink)
1x 2cm, 1x 3cm, 1x 45cm strip of contrasting pink (plain pastel pink)
1x 15cm, 2x 20cm bright pink
2cm of gold metallic and 2-3mm of silver metallic.

Starting with -
1. The hat is 2x 20cm dark pink, 1x marquise and 1 ½ circle. The tail of the hat is 2 plain pink strips 2cm and 3cm that I have run my thumb nail down the strip to make it curve slightly. Glue the 2 tail strips just under the ½ circle and the marquise to make the hat.
2. The bodice is the 45cm strip of contrasting pink that has been shaped into a triangle but just make the bottom of the triangle corner a little rounded where it meets the skirt for the waist line. The arm is the last strip of bright pink that is 15cm and a curved teardrop and glued at the bottom of the bodice at the curve.
3. For the skirt, use the 3 double strips and make 3x marquise. Take 2 of them and flatten one side to sit around the middle marquise and form the shape of the top of your skirt. You will then fit 2 tear drops out of the 8 other strips under the marquise and 2x small half circles with the flat side facing out down the outer seam then for the bottom row 2x marquise and 2x tulip shapes. Put them together and insure you have a scalloped hem then glue all into place. I have taken the last strip and glued it all around as I liked it with a neater finish to the outside however this is optional.
4. The shoe is an oval shape with a curve at the top that is glued into the scallop of the hem. The face is the 4cm piece in a fairly flat ½ circle glued under the hat against the bodice to give the appearance of the bottom of the face.
The hand was a little more difficult and needed some improvising. I took a loose coil and made an oval shape. I flattened it on one end by pressing my nail into it to join the upper arm and I took the outer strip of the coil and just pinched it into a thumb
5. The quilling tool is the silver2-3mm piece curved around the tip of the slotted tool. I have then glued the gold piece half way down that strip and slowly but firmly curled in a downward motion till I had the tool shape.
6. I used a little craft doll hair in this pic however if you take some narrow say 2mm brown strips you can make spirals for your hair. You would need about 2x 10cm pieces.

Have fun and don’t forget to email me with your finished girl!

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Lady quilling sheep pattern Empty Re: Lady quilling sheep pattern

Post by chaukhangshop on 2011-06-03, 08:35

The sheep is very beautiful, I'm very like it.
Thank you!

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