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Lavender Fan pattern

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Lavender Fan pattern

Post by admin on 2010-01-09, 07:19

Pat Caputo has kindly given us permission to put her patterns here. We have put a link below so you can look for more on her page.

10 Lavender strips 5cm (2”) on edge
9 Lavender C scrolls 7.5cm (3”) glue between ends of spokes
9 Lavender asymmetric s scrolls 7.5cm (3”) glue about halfway down in spaces between spokes
1 Lavender bow 10.2cm (4”)
This fan looks even prettier with a few tiny flowers glued near bow
Arrange as shown

Courtesy of Whimsiquills

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Lavender Fan

Post by barb5656 on 2010-05-08, 08:17

Very Happy Just had a look at the free designs on your web page which are great! Inspired to see how my crocheted snowflake patterns adapt to quilling, which I haven't done in 15 years or so.


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Re: Lavender Fan pattern

Post by teddiegrams on 2011-05-01, 07:59

so easy



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Re: Lavender Fan pattern

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