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Baby Butterflies

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Baby Butterflies

Post by Jean on 2010-07-19, 03:34

Baby butterflies - can be any colour and number you like.

Needle eye tool.

Butterflies - for 4

Wings -
16 - 3mm x 15cm - loose coil 1cm diam. - teardrop.

Body -
4 - 3mm x 4cm - small cone 8mm long

Feelers -
8 - 3mm x 2cm - 1/2 scroll to 1cm

Position body first with open end at head position.

Position wings be sure the points of the teardrops are touching each other against the body.

Position feelers with stem fitting just inside the open end of the cone.


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Re: Baby Butterflies

Post by Heather on 2010-07-19, 03:35

Your butterflies are cute! Thanks for sharing.

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Re: Baby Butterflies

Post by paulahogue on 2010-07-19, 04:35

There so cute, thanks for sharing!

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Re: Baby Butterflies

Post by Mar on 2010-08-02, 04:39

Very nice.
thank you for sharing.
I'm new and I love this forum. Cool


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Re: Baby Butterflies

Post by teddiegrams on 2011-05-01, 07:25


I have to agree, these are cute butterflies.

Thank you,
Teddie Seeley


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Re: Baby Butterflies

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