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Post by admin on 2010-07-29, 08:15

Hi All,
This months member of the month is Belinda aka bzb
Can you tell us about you and your family

I am married to a most wonderful loving man, who is very supportive of my crafts! I have 3 fantastic children (2 years- Danael, 4 years - Rachael and 9 years - Nathanael) who really enjoy crafting as well. We live in Townsville, which is about 4 hours drive south of Cairns, the weather is always warm but gets quite hot and humid in summer. We live on the outskirts of town, quite a way from most places, but it is peaceful.
I work 3 days a week as a social worker and travel quite often with my job which can be both fun and tiring and not always great for taking quilling projects with me!

Have you always been a crafty person? if so what sorts

I think so. I started drawing when I was in high school, with pastels, pencil and charcoal being my favourites - usually drawing flowers. I also enjoyed silk screening and silk painting. I used to do many craft activities when I was a teenager, often staying up all night friday and saturday nights making gifts for people, like decorated baskets, shoe boxes turned into trinket boxes, photo frames, albums. I also enjoy crocheting. I also sew in my free time, which I enjoy as well, as I make my own patterns. So my children have had some pretty interesting outfits at times! Occaisionally I do some scrap booking, but I don't find that I can work out layouts as easily as I can design cards. I enjoy card making the most, and 3D quilling. I have an obsession with paper which has taken over my house, but my children get a real thrill when I pull some of my older papers out and we create scrapbook pages and cards and other art (like christmas decorations) together. I think my dream job would be an interior designer or graphic artist.

How did you get introduced to quilling and how long?

I would say that it would easily be over 2 years that I have been quilling now. I actually began by rolling some paper up into tight coils using a quilling tool that was attached to a magazine I had purchased. I didn't read the instructions or realise that it was quilling until a few months later when I was looking through a book at my local craft store, and I realised that rolled paper was actually an art from called quilling! And from there the rest is history. I love experimenting with paper and it never ceases to amaze me just how much you can do with some paper!

What did you start with and how did you learn?

I had a dodgy pink plastic slotted quilling tool and some really thick bright (quite ugly) coloured paper that I had rolled into tight circles to make a butterfly for a card that I was making my husband for a project he was working on for mothers day at work. But I have taught myself most things I have learnt. I have a few books which have given me inspiration, but mostly I just give it a go. I also find that looking at other people's work sometimes helps with refining technique a little or gives me new ideas to try with technique for different look.

Who and what influences has there been on your quilling?

I find inspiration usually in most things, particularly when I am out walking my dog or just thinking of things - usually when I am trying to go to sleep. I find that when I am thinking of making someone a card, I find things that 'fit' their personality. I find that other people's quilling usually influences me to try new things and challenge myself. I have a note book that I scribble my designs into and it is starting to get full of ideas that I am not sure will ever see the light of day, and sometimes I scribble them into the book in such a hurry when I go back to make them I can't understand my doodling! I found the best inspiration comes when I am at conferences and meetings for work! My mind tends to wander, and I am scribbling designs on my note pad. I have also seen some work from Claire Wong and the North American Quilling Guild have some fantastic quillers! Pat Caputo has also been influencial in some of my work, with my 3D basket being a direct result.

Do you combine quilling with other crafts?

I have combined quilling with stamping, embossing and embellishments. I have also used quilling on my first 'nappy cake' that I had made for a friend to give as a gift, which I enjoyed doing and think it turned out ok.

What is your favourite quilling style?

I don't really think I have a favourite, as I tend to use different styles for different things and depends on what I am trying to create. I believe that I am a flexible quiller and don't really tend to favour any style. Some times I don't consider style when I am creating things, I just do it.

What do you want to achieve with your quilling?

I enjoy it mostly because I find it relaxing and I can be creative. I haven't really thought too much about goals with it, but I would love to teach it to others and perhaps be good enough one day to enter a piece into a show, or sell my work, but I think that will be a long way off before I am good enough to do that! I think having taught my eldest son to quill was probably the highlight for me though, as he was so proud of his flowers that he had created. If I can use quilling to make anyone feel that good about themselves, then I think this will be a great goal to reach with my quilling. I plan on teaching my daughter to quill when she starts school next year, so that is another great goal to have with my quilling.

What work have you been especially proud of?
Probably my most defining piece of work was my baby pram that I have a picture of in the gallery. I made this on a whim thinking of something to try and make my cousin who had recently had a baby girl. I wanted something original and unique and I think I achieved that. I was so happy with the way that this worked out - the wheels even moved!!

And what would you like to learn about?

I would probably like to get more creative with quilling. I want to think outside the square a bit more and create bigger pieces. I haven't been game to do this because I worry I won't have the patience to finish it! I would love to get together with other quillers and see them quill to learn about their styles and techniques. Living so far away doesn't help as there is not a great deal of interest in quilling here, so these opportunities are somewhat limited. I would also be keen to learn how to put some of my ideas into a pattern. I find it difficult to write each step of a project for someone else to understand it and recreate it.

What you would like to add…..

I think the biggest thing is to keep on quilling! Don't give up and trust others in your life if they tell you that your work is good, believe it. We are our worst critics and I believe that this will stunt your quilling experience if you allow it to. Most importantly - you never know unless you try, so don't be afraid. You can always start again tomorrow but you won't create a masterpiece unless you go for it - your quilling experiences are only limited to your imagination... And lastly, when all else fails, post it on the forum, the group are fantastic with encouragement and understanding and a huge collective experience that you can't get from books or the internet. Inspiration is everywhere, you just have to be open to see and brave enough to try it!


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Post by Heather on 2010-07-29, 15:45

Waving hello to you Belinda from Canada.

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Post by Philippa on 2010-07-29, 16:31

Hi Belinda - I so agree with your last paragraph! Inspiration really is everywhere, and it's so important for us all to take time and notice the beauty in everyday things.

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Post by paulahogue on 2010-07-29, 18:14

Hi Belinda it is nice getting to know more about you. Your words have encouraged me to listen to others about my projects and to keep trying new things!, thanks for sharing with us.
Paula flower

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