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Multi colour butterflys

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Multi colour butterflys

Post by Jean on 2010-08-09, 10:20


Choose 3 colours for each insects

All wings are 3mm x 15cm.

Top wings x 2
Take 2 of chosen colours 15cm strips, join into 1 30cm strip.
Loose coil to a 1.5cm diameter and pull offset then make teardrop.

Bottom wings x 2
Take 2 of a different combination of 2 colours and make as for top wings.

Body - chosen colour - 3mm x 10cm - cone to 1cm long

Head - chosen colour - 3mm x 6cm to shallow cup.
Join open end of cup just inside open end of cone.

Feelers - chosen colour 2 - 3mm x 2cm and 1/2 scroll to 1cm.

Position body and head first. Position wings to the widest section of the body. Be sure the points are touching each other and the body. Position feelers each side of the head.


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Re: Multi colour butterflys

Post by chaukhangshop on 2011-06-05, 04:13

These multi colour butterflies are very beautiful and make them easy.

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Re: Multi colour butterflys

Post by Deeshayash on 2012-05-03, 12:11

Its cute Jean, thanks for sharing.
However, can you please elaborate how did you made the middle body section (the section to which wings and eyes are attached)...
Thanks again! Cool


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Re: Multi colour butterflys

Post by clauclo on 2014-10-08, 18:04

beautiful thanks Smile


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Re: Multi colour butterflys

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