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6 petal flower shape

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6 petal flower shape Empty 6 petal flower shape

Post by krazykat on 2010-08-21, 01:50

hi can anyone help with a template for a 6 petal flower shape? its to make roses that i found on a website ive had a few but have had problems printing them the right size i am having soooo many problems trying to create a nice rose i have seen the tutorial on here but i cannot seem to get the hang of it and i need to make them for a special 60th birthday card, any help given would be very much appreciated Smile


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6 petal flower shape Empty Re: 6 petal flower shape

Post by Heather on 2010-08-21, 04:30

There are a lot of different size punches that can be used to make these flowers. I bought a medium size one on ebay that is perfect for it. It makes flowers about the size of a nickel and the small one which I haven't tried makes them about the size of a dime. I'm not sure how big the large punch in this series is. Sizzix makes dies that are considerably larger. Search for quilling and punch on ebay and you will at least see ones that I am talking about and find out who makes them.


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