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Post by admin on 2010-09-03, 06:34

Hi All,
Can't believe another month is over and here we are again. Before we know it, we will be into another year!!
This Months member of the month is Heather. Please tell us about yourself Heather.....

Hi Everyone,

I currently live in a small city in Ontario Canada where there isn't even a scrapbooking store or a store that sells quilling supplies. I travel 30-45 minutes to get to my favourite craft stores. The scrapbook store in my city was only open for a couple of years before it went bankrupt but I used to teach different techniques there including basic quilling. Now, I have been asked to teach quilling at the other scrapbooking stores.

My family is small. I just have a husband and a twin sister, two dogs and a cat. I worked as a Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse full time for 32 years in a large city until I was sidelined by Inflammatory Breast Cancer 10 years ago. Unfortunately side effects from the treatment and the disease prevent me from carrying on with nursing but I am my oncologists longest survivor of IBC and I have no evidence of the disease now, so I really can't complain. Instead I now have more time to expand my crafting hobbies. I find quilling is a great way to relax.

I have always done some type of craft. My Mom was an occupational therapist and an artist and my Dad liked woodworking. As we grew up, we were introduced to many different arts and crafts and we started teaching crafts at a Boy's and Girls club once we were 14. Ceramics is about the only craft I can think of that I haven't dabbled in.

My earliest adventures in quilling started while I was a student nurse, I played with it just a little bit and put it aside for the rest of my nursing career. It was only after my recovery from IBC that I picked it up again. We had moved to be closer to my Mother-in-law who was needing elderly care and I needed something to occupy my time since I was no longer near my sister or friends. I did a search for quilling on the computer and started teaching myself. Supplies, I had to buy on ebay or on quilling sites. A paper shredder made a lot of my strips at the very beginning. Soon I started dabbling with different types of papers, scrapbooking patterned paper scraps, vellum and different techniques to change the looks of the papers. I even did one card using brown paper only from a kraft envelope. The one purchase I regret is the fringer I bought. I dumped it for hand cutting very quickly and will likely go for the more expensive one someday. My quilling abilities, I would classify as intermediate. There is so much more to learn and the projects I have done so far have been small and pretty basic. I have combined scrapbooking together with quilling but have not tried 3-D quilling at all yet. I have not tried husking but I did buy a kit so it won't be long before I give that a whirl.

I love quilling flowers but am quickly realizing a floral arranging course would really help. My collection of quilling books is growing and I am hoping to improve in this area of designing. I love looking through books and quilled pictures on the Internet but don't copy things exactly when I see ideas. My friends laugh at me because when I take a scrapbooking class, I have to change what the teacher says to do. My projects have to be unique.

Currently I am working on designing snowflakes. I would love to have a Christmas tree this year that is filled with quilled decorations. I'm looking forward to finding a mold to help me make some quilled Christmas balls. I do have a mold for bells and will make some of those this fall as well.


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Post by Quill Me on 2010-09-07, 09:04

Lovely to hear all about your love of quilling , Heather.
Sorry so long in reading it.
My Dad was taken seriously ill last week

Bronwyn "Quill Me"
Quill Me

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Post by kaysey60 on 2010-09-09, 07:32

Hi Heather,
I thoroughly enjoyed reading your story. My daughter is a N.I.C.U. Nurse she is in charge of the ward at Dandenong hospital she enjoys the work and loves all the babies. Very happy to hear that you are a cancer survivor and I hope it keeps on for many years to come.
I am only very new to quilling I hope to get better, my poor attempts on here somewhere in the gallery I think.
Kindest regards,

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