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Friends Quoets for cards

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Friends Quoets for cards

Post by paulahogue on 2010-09-08, 20:44

1) Moments spent with a friend are the kind we wish would never end.

2)Angels are not so very few for in my life I have you.

3)Side by Side or miles apart Friends are always close to heart.

4)If Friends were flowers I'd pick you.

5)Of all the pleasures life can bring, Friendship is the sweetest thing.

6)Nothing is better than time to spend laughing and talking with you... my Friend.

7)Friendship begins with a smile.

8)It means so much to keep intouch.

9)Life is a garden and Friends are the sunshine that makes it grow.

10)There's a warmth and a joy that never ends between the hearts of special Friends.

11)As treasured keepsakes warm the home, cherished Friendships warm the heart.

12)A true Friend warms you by her presence, trusts you with her secrets, remembers you in her prayers.

13)We laugh, we cry , we make time fly, best of Friends we are, you and I.

14)I've had many Friends with whom I've shared my time... but very few with whom I've shared my heart.

15)Come and share a pot of tea my home is warm and my Friendship is free.

Authors unknown

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