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Inventions We Long For

Post by Fay in Australia on 2010-09-11, 23:57

Soggy soap and cold feet,
don't they make you mad?
I surveyed all my friends
asked what they wish they had.

A hand basin drainer,
electric blanket switch for feet,
a cure for the common cold,
World Peace Spray, would be neat.

A permanent cure for Psoriasis
and things that I can't spell.
a pill for our wee friends,
to stop the doggy smell!

Shorter queues at the doctors,
softer pavements in the street.
A non addictive pick me up,
for when we feel real beat.

A bra that doesn't pinch
and new shoes just the same.
a phone that puts you straight through,
to people who know your name.

An anti- aging device -
and she's only 35!
A supermarket trolley that runs
and a car that gets you there alive!

But world joy, I would bring,
sell a million, maybe more!
If I could just invent -
a foolproof way to stop you snore!

 Fay White

Fay in Australia

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