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Watching People Walking The Dog

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Watching People Walking The Dog Empty Watching People Walking The Dog

Post by Fay in Australia on 2010-09-12, 00:08

Watching People Walking The Dog.

Trim taught and terrific,
the dog too, looked the same.
Happy owner and dog,
they’re really glad they came!

Dogs walking their owners,
nearly pulling off their arm!
Others quite unhurried,
serene and really calm!

Striding with a purpose,
not even time for a tree!
Owner on a mission,
dog wishing to be free!

Looking like their owners,
excited noses in the air!
Some extremely bald,
others with lots of hair!

She’s got her Pooper Scooper
and will use it if she must.
But would rather not notice
and leave it in the dust!

Huffing, puffing was the man,
on cholesterol busting trips.
Dog wont tell his wife,
they stopped for fish’n’chips.

Some barrack for the footy
in coats gold, blue and red.
Glared at by their opponents!
Best not repeat what they said!

A social outing for some,
stop then for a chat.
Or get extra exercise,
terrorising some poor cat!

Yes it is really entertaining,
but there’s something you must do
glance down from time to time,
or your words will be quite blue!

 Fay White

Fay in Australia

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