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The Ferals ( when Teddy babysat )

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The Ferals ( when Teddy babysat ) Empty The Ferals ( when Teddy babysat )

Post by Fay in Australia on 2010-09-12, 00:18


It could be chewing gum,
but maybe it is worse!
Ted rubs and rubs his fur,
yells a threatening curse!

The cat is all wide eyed
and hiding in the loo!
On the lounge room floor,
a broken vase or two!

The TV all skewiff
and only shows us snow!
Fiddled and twiddled knobs,
top dented by a blow!

The floor all covered with debris,
the mat a tangled fringe!
Biscuit crumbs in the bookcase,
the screen door off its hinge!

The goldfish all float belly up,
couldn’t stand the pace,
of pokes and prods
and trying to make them race!

Ted’s ready with his weapons,
in case there’s a repeat!
Mousetrap, mace, water bombs!
They’ll beat a quick retreat!

The flowerpots all upended!
Sauce and jam without their lids.
Cyclone? Mini Tornado?
No, we babysat the neighbour’s kids!

 Fay White

Fay in Australia

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