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Introducing Littel Ted Empty Introducing Littel Ted

Post by Fay in Australia on 2010-09-12, 00:24

Good morning
I have a little Teddy Bear who goes on holidays with me & sometimes I write of his adventures, such as this one


Ted saved up all his money,
dreamt of it all year.
Packed up his thongs,
beach holiday drawing near.

Boiled up the billy
and sat down for a rest.
tent up in 2 hours,
strong winds a pest.

A roar on the horizon,
Ted’s eyes are growing wide!
a multitude of Bikies
into town did ride!

Time for the movies,
maybe they’ll go away.
Otherwise poor Ted,
in his tent will stay!

The movie was a horror
and not much fun at all.
Outside a big Alsation
lurking by the hall.

Ted crawled under a bush,
waits for it to pass
Landed on an ant’s nest,
his words then had no class!

All night long they sang,
those visitors out for fun!
Ted tossed and turned frantic,
of sleep he did have none!

Bleary eyed at dawn,
while seagulls squawked out loud,
Ted fried eggs and bacon,
that sure drew a crowd!

The sea a peaceful place,
well that is what Ted hoped.
Then in his Speedos,
he was hooked and roped!

Will he come next year?
Of course he will, you see-
Sandy jocks and stress -
that’s holidays by the sea!
 Fay White 1/001

Fay in Australia

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