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Cat toy quilled ball.

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Cat toy quilled ball.

Post by Heather on 2010-10-01, 03:03

Here are the instructions for making a cat toy quilled ball. Start with a piece of scrapbook paper 12 inches wide and 3 inches high. You can always make the paper higher which would make a bigger ball but this way you will get 8 balls out of a 12 X 12 inch piece of paper which is the size in which most scrapbook paper comes. I used a paper that has a pattern on both sides.

Then cut the piece of paper at an angle so that one end is 1 inch in height and the other end is 2 inches in height. Your measurements do not have to be exact.

Next fringe the angled parts (the two inside sections) leaving about 1/8 inch uncut.

Start at the narrow end start winding your paper with the slotted tool and when you get to the end, glue as you would a fringed flower.

Also glue the solid end of the paper and this will help from it unraveling as you coil each bit of fringe. Let dry before you do the next step.

Then start to quill each strip of the fringe starting at the outside and working around the circle inward. Your coils will gradually work over the glued end to make a ball and if they don't then they can be encouraged over the end.

Your final result will look like this.


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Re: Cat toy quilled ball.

Post by quillingsavy on 2010-10-01, 04:47

This is so cute! Thanks for sharing. I should make it for my kitty Very Happy. Thanks for the pics, without them, it would be hard to understand.

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Re: Cat toy quilled ball.

Post by Quill Me on 2010-10-04, 01:31

Thanks Heather ! I am going to try some for Christmas decorations.

Bronwyn "Quill Me"
Quill Me

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Re: Cat toy quilled ball.

Post by mayrassss on 2011-05-11, 23:09

wooow so beatiful!♥


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Re: Cat toy quilled ball.

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