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Post by quillingsavy on 2010-10-01, 04:17

So, as many of you know, I am the 3D quiller Very Happy. Well, I found this short little tutorial about 3D quilling to share, since I know many of you have never tried it before I love you. It does mention the basics of 3D quilling, and has some instructions on how to make a 3D person.

The instructions on the ring coil are poor, so I will re-hash it in my own words for ya! So, you just have to quill a tight coil, then you can either use a dowel or the potter's method to make it 3D. I recomend the potter's method for the most part.

For the dowel method, just take a dowel, or some other small tool, depending on the size of your coil, and lightly press it, like you'd think! Perhaps you'd like to combine this method with the potter's method... I've even used my pinky as a dowel before for a small cup coil, LOL.

For the potter's method you simply lightly press the coil to make it grow-little by little, be careful. If you want it extremely 3D 5 mm is best, but the 3 mm width works sometimes too if you want more of a cup coil.

Once you're done with any 3D quilling, coat the inside with glue, a nice light layer! It's also awesome to lightly coat the outside, and add glitter! It looks SO pretty!

To master 3D quilling, it does take a bit of practice, and can be a bit frustrating, but once you've got it you're good drunken.

Also, this book is the best for 3D quilling

(sorry, huge URL Shocked ).

If you decide you want to try 3D quilling and are confused, ask me, I know it all!

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