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Cone Christmas Star

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Cone Christmas Star Empty Cone Christmas Star

Post by Jean on 2010-10-02, 10:27


Gold paper
Needle eye tool

5 x 9mm x 11cm to cone 4cm long
1 x 9mm x 12cm to cone 6cm long

On the last 5 tunrs increase the angle of the paper to finish cone with a triangle. This triangle is used to join the star together.

Before applying glue position triangles over each other to create your star, then glue in place. When dry position on card.

1 x 3mm x 10cm to loose coil to 8mm.
Position over centre of the star.

cut 6 small triangles and psition them between the arms of the star.

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Cone Christmas Star Empty Re: Cone Christmas Star

Post by teddiegrams on 2011-05-01, 07:41


Another fabulous pattern.

Thank you,



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