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I'm going to be a grandma

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I'm going to be a grandma Empty I'm going to be a grandma

Post by admin on 2010-10-16, 08:54

I'm Going To Be A Grandma!"
"I'm Going To Be A Grandma!" I tell everyone I see.
It is kind of funny, how they stop and look at me.
It doesn't even matter, if they can't help but stare,
I tell them with the hope, that they might actually care.
They just don't understand, how important this will be,
"I'm Going To Be A Grandma!", how fortunate for me.
But then I met a wise one, a Grandma of a friend.
She had some advice, she happily would lend,
she told me to picture, how great I thought it'd be,
becoming a Grandma, how wonderful for me!
No matter how great, I thought it would be,
she said it's, 10 times better, than I could ever see.
I loved her advice, and it got me through the days
as I waited for our little one, the baby on the way.
And when our baby came, with many happy tears,
I knew that my joy would grow, throughout the coming years.
But at that very moment, I knew she must be right
because there's nothing in the world, like love at first sight.
And now, I AM a Grandma, I tell everyone I see
I can't take off my smile, "GRANDMA" ... I'll always be!

Life is not measured by the breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away. George Carlin

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I'm going to be a grandma Empty Re: I'm going to be a grandma

Post by Heather on 2010-10-16, 16:34

Love this verse and all of the ones you have added Karon. Thank you for adding so many in!

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