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Have you ever????

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Have you ever????

Post by hooked on quilling on 2010-10-26, 04:21

G'day All
Haven't been on the forum much lately, too busy being a mum, building a house and getting my new adventure up and running.....

I bought a new quilling book the other day ( took advantage of the gr8 aussie dollar!!!) It's called BEAUTIFUL QUILLING STEP - By - STEP from SEARCH PRESS. Now it's a lovely book, great ideas etc, fantastic clear step by step instructions for some of the projects, BUT the quilling is dreadful!!!!

Now I might be being tooo picky but to me the very first thing you should learn when you quill is to pinch at the end of the strip so you don't see that horrible end half way on the side of a teardrop etc...there are sooooo many horrible nasty ends to be seen in the pictures in this book, some of the centres are terrible eg not rolled well etc......I know that the pictures are enlarged probably 20 times or more to show the work clearly but I don't think this should matter on the overall neatness of the work. If you have an end that shows, stick it to the back so no-one can see it!!!

Wow, I really enjoyed the book but by the time I got to the end all I could look at was the shoddy quilling Mad

Would love to hear from those of you who have this book and what you think about the quilling inside the cover...

Oh and it's not by a newbie quiller either..initials are J. W.


hooked on quilling

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Re: Have you ever????

Post by paulahogue on 2010-10-26, 05:27

I have that book and never really looked close enough to see any impurfections, now I'll be looking through it just to spot impurfections,LOL. The only thing that I noticed at a glance was cone shape for 3-d cant help seeing the end of a strip when adding several end to end.They say if you tare the end it's less noticable, where as that one was cut.Anyway it's a good book

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Re: Have you ever????

Post by Quill Me on 2010-10-26, 09:53

Maybe JW did not do the quilling personally. I have her first book published in the 90's and there are a couple of photos where the paper is bent.
I put this down to the publisher / photographer error.
Otherwise, I cannot notice any ends of strips glued where they are visible.

Bronwyn "Quill Me"
Quill Me

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Re: Have you ever????

Post by Heather on 2010-10-26, 17:25

I haven't seen this book in person as I haven't bought it. It looks like it is mostly 3D quilling and I haven't done any 3D quilling. If this is the book I am thinking of there are 4 authors and those that I know, do absolutely fantastic work. I will have to look for this book and have a good look at it. The picture and ideas on the cover do look very good.

Beautiful Quilling Step-by-Step [Paperback]
Diane Boden-Crane (Author), Judy Cardinal (Author), Jane Jenkins (Author), Janet Wilson (Author)

I wonder if they had someone doing the quilling for them, or if they were in a hurry to complete the book.

Most people probably would not look that closely and examine the work as well as you did, but you are right.....ends should be hidden if at all possible. You have a sharp eye for picking up the details.
I'm sure my quilling isn't up to some people's standards too. I look at some of my work and am very critical now, where when I first did it, I thought it was well done and beautiful.

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Re: Have you ever????

Post by quillingsavy on 2010-10-27, 03:21

First off, I don't have this book, so I can't judge it! I only have 2 books, one I used in the beginning and don't use now...the Klutz one. The only other one I have is 3D quilled characters...I prefer to come up with my own patterns Very Happy.

Heather wrote:I'm sure my quilling isn't up to some people's standards too. I look at some of my work and am very critical now, where when I first did it, I thought it was well done and beautiful.

I feel the same way! My first framed quilling pieces look so simple now! And my quilled all's I see is glue all over them! *sigh*. I wonder how picky I will become...since I'm good now, what will I be like later Shocked? LOL.


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Re: Have you ever????

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