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A World without tears

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A World without tears

Post by admin on 2010-11-13, 09:10

A World without tears

Just think of a world, a world without tears,
Where a man can live for billions of years. (John 17:3)
With never a grief, an ache or a pain, (Isaiah 33:24)
And never a thought of dying again. (Revelation 21:3-5)

Think of that world, where a man plants a vine, (Micah 4:4)
He can sit in the shade, and say “this is mine”.
He will live in the house that his own hands have made,
And none shall disturb him nor make him afraid. (Isaiah 65:21,22)

Think of a world without bloodshed or strife,
Where no man dare take another man’s life. (Micah 4:3)
Where man unto man is united in peace, (Isaiah 9:7)
And malice and wars forever will cease. (Luke 2:14)

Think of the earth as a grand paradise, (Isaiah 35:1,2)
Where meadows from deserts will dazzle your eyes,
With beautiful flowers, green shrubbery and trees,
With gay butterflies, song birds, buzzy bees. (Isaiah 66:1, 60:13)

Think just as surely as God’s word is truth, (John 17:17)
A man shall return to the days of his youth. (Job 33:25, Isaiah 33:24)
His flesh shall become as the flesh of a child,
And the words that we speak will be helpful and mild. (Matthew 5:5)

Think of a world where the lame man will leap, (Isaiah 35:5,6)
From crag to crag like a deer or a sheep. (Job 33:25)
Where none shall be deaf and none shall be blind,
And the dumb one will utter the ways of his mind.

Think of a world where all are true brothers, (Matthew 23:Cool
None esteeming himself to be above others.
Where man unto man will be friend unto friend, (John 15:14,15)
In a world without tears that will never end.

Think of a world where the dead will have risen, (John 5:28,29)
From the silent tombs that have held them in prison. (Revelation 20:13)
To forever live, to hold and caress, (Mark 5:35, 38:42)
Their loved ones and friends in true righteousness. (Luke 21:28)

Now a world without tears is not just a dream,
As man’s hope today may callously seem. (Revelation 21:5,6)
For just as sure as the bible is true, (Hebrews 6:18)
A world without tears lies before you!

And since such a world before you now lies, (Luke 21:31)
Chose now to live in this real paradise. (Isaiah 65:17)
And share all the blessings that God has in store. (Psalms 72:28)
For all those who serve and obey ever more. (Matthew 6:10)

Good news of the Kingdom is still being sung, (Matthew 24:14)
Throughout each nation each people and tongue. (Matthew 5:6)
And everyone thirsting for truth is invited, (Luke 12:32)
To join us today as a family united. (Revelation 22:17)

In praising our God, our saviour and King,
And give to him all we have everything! (Psalms 93:1)
That we might live on through endless years, (John 17:3)
In a world without sorrow,
A WORLD WITHOUT TEARS (Isaiah 25:8, 11:6-9)

Life is not measured by the breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away. George Carlin

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Re: A World without tears

Post by toye on 2011-06-26, 12:17

oow what you wrote really touched my heart, I could not help sheading a few tears from shear beauty of the words that have so much meaning. Just beautiful thank you for sharing

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