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Easter quilling

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Easter quilling

Post by Quill Me on 2011-04-02, 01:59

Hi all, wondering what is in the quilling pipeline for Easter?
I have been away as my Dad died last week. His 88th birthday would have been today, so he has had a long and successful life.
I must get busy and do 3 cards for Easter that someone has ordered.

Bronwyn "Quill Me"
Quill Me

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Re: Easter quilling

Post by KrazeeLdy on 2011-04-02, 03:07

I'm so sorry about your dad! Hugs to you!

As for the quilling...I'm in a major clean out mode in my craft room so I haven't been able to do anything creative...and it seems the more I clean the worse it gets...*sigh*... Wink

I did try the other day just to sit down and do something besides clean...and lo & behold...I couldn't find any of my stuff...I had to look in all the boxes...and still could not find my wire...hahah...then...I started over again and dang if it wasn't right there in that first box... I hate cleaning...makes me disorganized!!!! Wink

I want to see your cards when you're finished!!! Make sure to post them's been way too quiet in here lately!! Wink

Have a wonderful day!


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Re: Easter quilling

Post by paulahogue on 2011-04-02, 05:25

Sorry about your Dad, my heart goes out to you and yours.
I really dont do cards, maybe I should.
Cant wait to see what you come up with!

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Re: Easter quilling

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