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Introducing myself

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Introducing myself

Post by maureen S on 2011-04-03, 06:12


My name is Maureen i am from Perth Western Australia. I have been quilling for many years and stumbled on this forum and signed in today i just wanted to say hello.

Cheers Maureen.. white flag

maureen S

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Re: Introducing myself

Post by Quill Me on 2011-04-03, 08:07

Hi Maureen,
Glad you have joined up. I have been quilling for a good number of years also.
Make sure you join in the various topics on General Quilling.
Go to Home button and you will see various topics.

Bronwyn "Quill Me"
Quill Me
Quill Me

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Re: Introducing myself

Post by KrazeeLdy on 2011-04-03, 08:11

Welcome to the neighborhood, Maureen!!!!

Great bunch of people here...

OOOhhhh, be sure to share your photos with us....We love to see everyone's works of art/love!!!



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Re: Introducing myself

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