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Displaying Cards for markets

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Displaying Cards for markets

Post by LauraEDesigns on 2011-06-06, 05:48

Hi guys,

Just a question for those who sell at markets and such – do you have a preferred way of displaying your quilled cards? I need a way that will display the cards other than laying them flat on the table (thus taking up all my table space) For a while now I have used a couple of cheap plastic plate displayers, but they are so flimsy that they get knocked around and bumped easily. I was thinking about a small stand or rack of some sort that is small enough to fit on my table, but doesn’t overlap the cards so much that you can’t see the design on front. And other than a huge revolving wire rack that is a little overboard for what I need I cannot find anything online. So I thought I would put it to you lovely helpful quillers. How do you display your cards? Pics would also be appreciated if you have them!

- Laura Elizabeth


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Re: Displaying Cards for markets

Post by Philippa on 2011-06-06, 14:04

Hi Laura
I bought a brilliant card rack a few months ago from a supplier in the UK. You can find details in the following post that I put on my blog:

You can also find cardboard self-assembly display boxes on eBay in the crafts section, but the one I bought turned out to be a bit flimsy, and it soon began to look scuffed.

It definitely helps to have a rack whose shelves are angled backwards very slightly, to stop cards flopping forward when people look through them.

Hope this helps!
Good luck with your markets!

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