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Uploading Photos - Instructions

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Uploading Photos - Instructions

Post by Lauren (Administrator) on 2011-06-24, 14:34

Hi everyone,

There have been a few queries and a bit of confusion over the uploading of photos.

Firstly, if you upload photos into 'Your Personal Album' noone is able to see them unless they are invited. It is much easier if you upload your photos into the gallery for everyone to view as they wish.

Here are some instructions on how to do that:

* Click on "Gallery" top left of screen
* Click on "Your Personal Album" bottom left of screen
* Click on "Upload Pic" top left of screen (just under the "home" button)
Now you are ready to add your picture...

Image: Enter the name of your picture
Pic Description: Information about the picture
Upload a pic from your machine: Click on "browse" and find the photo on your computer
Upload to Category: Click on the drop down arrow. Select one of the public categories which are at the top of the list.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any trouble.

Good luck.
Lauren (Administrator)

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Re: Uploading Photos - Instructions

Post by KrazeeLdy on 2011-06-24, 17:03

YAH! Much easier than when I tried it the first time! WOOHOO!

Thanks bunches Lauren!!!


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