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Post by toye on 2011-08-31, 19:47

I have done a set with the Quilling comb, here are the instructions if you would like to do it.

The middle larger element 1 piece
With violet paper strip, make a small fold hook over the top of prong Nr1. Insert paper strip below prong 8, 7, 6. Cut off paper and clue.Turquoise paper from back continue with prongs 5, 4 Cut of the rest of paper and glue (each fold a dap of glue on the top to hold everything together.

For the second side elements you need to do two.Doing the same method as the large element, only starting with 7, 6, 5. Changing colours continue with prong 4, 3, cut off paper and glue

for the third side element Doing the same method as the large element, only starting with 6, 5, 4. Changing colours continuewith prong 3,2, cut of paper


Same as the larger element placing a tight coil on top to insert the ring and clip.

The tight curls in-between helps to keep the elements appart.

I hope you can understand my intructions, I had lots of fun doing this set, I love working with the Quilling comb
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