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come on ladies lets get together

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come on ladies lets get together

Post by toye on 2011-10-07, 08:57

Lauren you are so right, it dose no matter whether you have just started to Quill, or if you have been doing it for years. We are not here to criticize anyone, but to be there when anyone that has started to Quill. I agree there are many very talented Quillers, but even they had to start somewhere and they made it. Never underestimate your talent if you are a great lover of Quilling, just go for it. If I may say so take our new Quiller Helen, she is a very good sample of going for it. She just started in August this year. She has done great work, yes, there are a few things that could be corrected but I know she will be a great Quiller. I have to take my hat off for her, and admire her for her go-ahead and do what is in her heart. Sharing and helping each other and just letting others know that we are there. I am also hoping that more Quillers will join the happy family of Quillers come on ladies lets get together.
Have a great weekend everyone

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Re: come on ladies lets get together

Post by Helen on 2011-10-07, 15:45

Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. Please tell me where I go wrong as I like the hobby and want to improve of course.

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