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Glue Question for a Customer

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Glue Question for a Customer

Post by Lauren (Administrator) on 2012-02-14, 05:24

Hi Everyone,

I've had an enquiry from a student who is doing a major work in quilling for her High School Certificate.

Does anyone know what the best glue would be for gluing quilling onto a mannequin? I understand that the plastic mannequin has been covered in a paint sealer (a water proof undercoat paint). Therefore the glue would need to stick to the paint sealer.

Thanks for your help.

Lauren (Administrator)

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Re: Glue Question for a Customer

Post by toye on 2012-02-14, 06:30

Has she tried a glue gun, or there is a glue that one uses for glung souls onto shoes, I have used that many times but not for gluing onto souls.

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