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Feb challenge and March tomorrow

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Feb challenge and March tomorrow

Post by Quill Me on 2012-02-29, 07:17

It seems no one took up the challenge set by Lauren confused for a birthday card.
I know i did not feel like quilling but now have my energy back- nothing like the committment of a swap to get one's nose to the grindstone.
How is the new webpage going, Lauren?
I am sure we are all looking forward to it happening.

Bronwyn "Quill Me"
Quill Me

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Re: Feb challenge and March tomorrow

Post by Lauren (Administrator) on 2012-03-09, 05:21

Hi Bronwyn,

The challenge did not happen which was completely my fault. I just haven't had time to be on here! I am so very thankful that you ladies keep things going. The new website is taking soooooo much longer that it was supposed to. It has been a very painfully slow process (partly my own fault...3 kids, hubby, home, life to look after...I'm sure you all understand how it is).

I really do appreciate your patience and understanding.

Lauren (Administrator)

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