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Perfume bottle tops

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Perfume bottle tops

Post by Kat on 2012-03-16, 20:15


I've just discovered a use for a perfume bottle top!

My daughter threw her empty perfume bottle in the bin, but it had a really lovely lid, so I took it off, and then spying the quilled egg I made her, wondered if it would stand on it.

It sits in the lid beautifully and compliments it well, so I'm going to keep all my lids from now on.

I also thought other bottle lids would make good stands too - if they are plain you can paint them or cover them in pretty papers.

Kat x


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Re: Perfume bottle tops

Post by Quill Me on 2012-03-16, 23:14

Great idea! Thanks Kat Idea

Bronwyn "Quill Me"
Quill Me

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