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Tiny Circles

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Tiny Circles

Post by Kurlikins on 2012-04-25, 19:28

Hi all!

Just wondering if anyone has any tips of tricks or neat ideas on the best way to cut a tiny circle.
I have 2 types of hole punches- one normal, and one- almost microscopic. How to you all go about cutting your own little circles- or any other type of small outline...without a craft punch.

At the moment i am using toenail scissors (brand new only for paper ;P) but my circles are a little raggard.

Any ideas??



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Re: Tiny Circles

Post by Quill Me on 2012-04-30, 04:51

Fine,sharp scissors should work - probably takes alot of practise to get it a really smooth circle shape.
Punching is probably the best way.shape.

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